We are a very small rabbitry located in Milwaukee, WI, and due to the location, we must remain as such.  We started with three pedigreed silver fox rabbits, one blue buck and two black does in February of 2012.  We chose the silver fox breed for their temperament, fur, and for their reputation as a meaty rabbit. After raising our three rabbits to breeding age, our first litter finally arrived 06-28-12. We have never shown rabbits before, but will try our luck in 2013.


And why "jackalopes" do you ask? Well when I was a youngin, my grandfather had me convinced the north woods of Wisconsin were over run with the ornery critters.  Painting the picture of a goliath jackrabbit standing as tall as myself (being 7 years old at the time), with antlers as big as an old whitetails.  He told me a fantastic hunting story about himself as a young man, coming upon a herd of them.  My grandfather had to run for his life as they chased him up a giant oak tree.  He slept in that old tree for two nights before the wild jackalopes finally lost all concern for him and the big buck took the herd back into the woods.  Shortly after telling me this story he produced the taxidermied head and antlers of the beast to prove its existence.  Needless to say I spent many years after that looking for the troublesome creature but never could find one...

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